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Terms & Conditions

TenComm believes in creativity and novelty. All the Terms & Conditions are customer oriented and clients find them more flexible. The conditions are implemented when both the parties agreed on a single point. The prominent Terms & Conditions are as follows:

TenComm Payment Structure

An initial payment is required to start out web designing and development. We usually charge half of the total upfront design fee. The outstanding payment will be segregated among two sections:

Clients will love to enjoy a free one month maintenance of web site where we make sure the design, functionality and performance is up to the mark.

We are always looking forward to establish a longevity in the relationship and appreciate your coordination after a successful web structure. Either you need further maintenance service or a dedicated developer for the site, we charge you hourly. Prices vary according to CMS (Content Management System).

TenComm believes in transparency!

Requirement and Specification Documentation

An initial document describing all about designing, development, pricing is sent to the client for the approval and the any amendment is appreciated at this phase. During the development phase, you are not allowed to customise any further addition. If any, then company will charge extra amount.

The Refund Policy

Right after you have signed the requirement and specification document, the refund policy is categorised as:

TenComm wants to make things simple and smooth that are understandable for the clients, thus avoiding any dispute.

Domain & Hosting

Either you provide us domain and hosting or want to purchase from us, we value your decision. In case of Hosting & Domain purchase, all the standard term & conditions are applied, while we charge yearly payment.

While cancelation of Hosting, you have to pay the annual charges and there is no refund. We will give you 100 % backup of data and you are free to move on to any other hosting network.

In Case of any Delay

Well, if TenComm fails to hand over the site at estimated time, then we will refund full payment in case of any delay.